Voltage Design creates mega tune for W222 Mercedes S 65 AMG

It’s probably not likely but are you finding your twin-turbo V12 Mercedes-Benz ‘W222’ S 65 AMG to be lacking in power? If so, a German performance specialist called Voltage Design has just the thing.

Voltage Design Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG

At the moment the S 65 AMG is the grand daddy of all Mercedes models and the grand mack daddy of all super-luxury large sedans. It’s a rolling showcase of all of Mercedes-Benz’s latest and greatest technologies.

If that’s not enough though there are some aftermarket performance tuning options available, as it turns out. Voltage Design has come up with a subtle styling package incorporating a carbon fibre bodykit with neat intakes in the front end, a rear diffuser, and an optional carbon bonnet.

This alone would be enough to give your S 65 AMG a personalised touch. But if that’s not enough, under-bonnet tuning packages are also available for the 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12. In factory form the engine produces a hardly-slouchy 463kW and 1000Nm. It can manage 0-100km/h in just 4.3 seconds.

You can go for a stage one kit which lifts power to a nicely rounded 500kW, allowing the super sedan to hit 300km/h. Up from there you can go for the second stage performance package which lifts outputs to 529kW and 1150Nm, providing a top speed of 320km/h.

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Both of the packages use high-flow air filters and down pipes to improve flow, and engine computer tuning along with a Vmax modification to remove the 250km/h speed limiter. One of these two kits should suffice your needs, surely?

To top it all off the German company offers special carbon ceramic brakes with four-piston calipers and 420mm front and 370mm rear discs. These are encompassed by a set of 21-inch alloy wheels measuring 10.5 inches in width on the back.

Overall it seems like a fine machine for scooting off to the office or forging from state to state in rushed luxury. It looks very sleek too. What do you think?

Brett is the editor and founder of PerformanceDrive. He's obsessed with driving, having played with Matchbox cars until he was tall enough to drive a real one. After initially working as a mechanic, Brett earned a degree in journalism and entered media as an editorial assistant at Top Gear Australia magazine. He then worked at CarAdvice. His dream is to live next door to the Nurburgring in Germany.