TechArt reveals power up kit for Porsche Macan Diesel S

TechArt has come up with a new power kit for the Porsche Macan Diesel S that gives the 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine a boost in power and torque.

TECHART Porsche Macan Diesel S exterior

The TechArt Power Kit TA B95/SD1 kit consists of TechArt’s TechTronic engine management system and a wiring harness to suit. The extra power is accessible by pushing the Sport or Sport Plus button in the centre console.

In standard form, the Macan Diesel S produces 190kW and 580Nm. After installing the kit the output jumps to 220kW and 670Nm – an overall increase of 30kW and 90Nm.

In terms of performance numbers, the kit helps the Macan S rip from 0-100km/h in 5.7 seconds (down from 6.1 seconds), and lifts its top speed to 237km/h (up from 230km/h). TechArt says the system can be installed quickly and easily, and offers trouble-free removal at any time.

The power kit for the Macan Diesel S joins TechArt’s kit for the Macan Turbo, which boosts power for the 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 to 331kW (up from 294kW).

The tuner also does a range of wheels that vary from 21 to 22 inches in diametre, a host of body additions such as new front and rear bumpers, and offers various interior options including bespoke leather trimmings and unique steering wheel and instrument cluster setups.

The Macan Diesel S is currently on sale in Australia from $98,025 (excluding on-road costs).