Volkswagen continues limited-edition spree with Golf R 333

Alexi Falson

As another day passes yet another limited edition Golf R comes to the surface, this time in the form of the Golf R 333.

As the name suggests, production of this hyped-up hatch is being limited to 333 units in total. It offers the same power figures as the 20 Years edition, with 245kW and 420Nm, which is thrown to all fours via a dual-clutch DSG. The Golf R 333’s 0-100km/h time stands at 4.6 seconds, while it tops out at 270km/h.

These are the same figures you’ll find in the 50 examples of the Golf R 20 Years that are coming to Australia, with no word yet on if any of the 333 units will be coming Down Under.

On the visual front, the Golf R 333 picks up a special Lime Yellow metallic paint job with black contrasts with 333 badging, a set of 19-inch Estoril rims wrapped in semi-slick rubber and blue brake calipers.

At the rear there’s still a very aggressive diffuser flanked by a set of four titanium exhaust pipes provided by the legends at Akrapovic.

Underneath, the AWD system receives VW’s trick torque vectoring system that splits power to the front axle and both of the rear wheels, while the turbo has been pre-loaded for better response.

Inside, there’s a unique build plate, Nappa leather upholstery and a 480W Harman Kardon sound system, atop the standard list of features you’ll find in the Golf R like the 10.5-inch instrument cluster and a 10-inch infotainment system, ambient lighting and a wireless charging pad.

Considering the Golf R 20 Years pumps out the same power figures as the 333, it is the far better option price-wise considering that the latter is priced at 76,410 euros, around AU$125,000, while the 20 Years is priced from $77,490.

The first Golf R 333 deliveries are expected to take place in October.

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