Video: David Coulthard in Red Bull F1 car doing max doughies in the dirt

Ever wanted to take an F1 car rallying? Perhaps not, but it hasn’t stopped David Coulthard taking a Red Bull F1 car onto an unfinished Circuit of the Americas dirt track to give it a go.

The new Circuit of the Americas circuit will be home to the US Grand Prix in the future, and as this video proves, the track’s development is well under way but not quite finished. The new circuit and US Grand Prix is being put together thanks to Red Bull North America, Mountain South Business Unit and Red Bull Racing.

Click play on the video below to see David Coulthard sliding the Red Bull F1 car around the dirt track. The former Red Bull F1 Racing star also throws the Red Bull F1 car into a spin on the tarmac for some spectators that gathered.

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