Top Gear’s Stig drives dodgem car to world record speed (video)

Mitchell Jones

Renowned backyard builder and shed engineer Colin Furze was asked by Top Gear to build the world’s fastest dodgem car, and he did not disappoint.

In his step-by-step YouTube series, he dissasembles the tired old carnival ride, including electric motor, and the large pole with contacts that draw electric current from ceiling circuitry.

The very animated and eccentric Brit then fabricates a metal frame and steering system, utilising the footprint of the original car. But to achieve the goal of becoming the fastest dodgem car in the world what could possibly propel it and fit within the diminutive frame?

How about a 600cc four-cylinder engine from a Honda CBR600 sports bike? It develops 100hp (75kW), which is plenty enough for something roughly the size and weight of a shoe.

The Stig gets inside and succesfully completes the stated mission, with a Guinness-verified 161.476km/h (100.336mph).

Furze’s creations have featured on PD before, where a mobility scooter was outfitted with a 600cc engine, to achieve 173km/h over the standing quarter and into the pages of the Guinness World Records as well.

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