For Sale: 1973 Mazda 1300 ‘FROGGA’ wagon

Brett Davis

Followers of the performance car scene in Australia might recognise this little beast. It’s a Mazda 1300 wagon, aka R100 wagon, that has been transformed into a crazy little show car.

Mazda 1300 FROGGA

The ‘FROGGA’ nickname relates to its small green appearance and ability to pounce off the line with its huge rear tubs and fat 10-inch wide wheels.

Built by renowned rotary specialist in Sydney, Pac Performance, the 1300 features a fully engineered 12A twin-rotor turbocharged engine with a large front-mounted intercooler, large injectors, and a custom exhaust. Power output hasn’t been mentioned but it’s said to produce around 300kW.

Other custom highlights include a Ford nine-inch differential for pure strength, backed by a Toyota Corona four-speed manual. The grunt is harnessed by 15- by 10-inch Convo Pro alloy wheels at the back wrapped in 275mm tyres on the rear and 125mm tyres on the front.

Inside, the old-school dash has been retained but it’s all been given a fresh layer of leather. There’s also a variety of aftermarket gauges, a Momo steering wheel, and a pair of Velo race seats with Simpson harnesses.

The owner has had the car since 2001 and is asking $38,000, which is not bad for a very rare rotary wagon. Head over to the original forum thread for more info.

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