For Sale: Original 1990 BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution, 1 of 600 built

As BMW’s M cars become progressively more computerised, with artificial engine noises, turbos and dual-clutch transmissions, the classics which embodied the purity that made the brand so desirable in the first place are becoming hot property on the used car market.

Take this 1990 E30 M3 Sport Evolution, for example. The standard version with a 2.3-litre, 143kW inline-four is desirable enough as it is, commanding pretty high prices. A dealer is selling one for US$199,000 (AU$264,000), so this 1-of-600 special edition would be asking considerably more. Price is not disclosed on the website, which means it is no doubt exorbitant.

The Sport Evolution was treated to a larger 2.5-litre engine developing 175kW, which is an astonishing specific power output for the time, right up there with the Honda S2000 that would arrive at the end of that decade. Torque was around the 240Nm mark, which was more than adequate for a car weighing under 1200kg.

What made this version special was lighter glass, boot and bumper bars, additional cooling ducts in lieu of fog lamps and larger 225/45 R16 wheels. Suspension was also more hardcore with a 10mm drop in ride height.

The track focus continued inside, with no sunroof, power windows, trip computer or air-con and Alcantara steering wheel, gear knob and Recaro seats. To check out the car, head over to Enthusiast Auto here.