Nissan Patrol gets quad-turbo V8, insane 3000hp (video)

Mitchell Jones

Some pretty gnarly Nissan Patrols have come out of the Middle East and we’ve showcased a handful of them already. There was a 1000kW black three-door that could hit 308km/h, and the R35 Godzilla-powered contraption that dusted off a Porsche 918 hybrid.

We have a feeling this one might be the new king of Patrols though, due to its 3000hp (2237kW) quad-turbo V8 engine.

From the stock-looking exterior, you would not suspect that two Bugatti Chiron’s worth of power is hiding beneath its bonnet. Hearing it start up is a somewhat rattly affair, but considering the power and potential, it is quite civilised and well-tuned.

Patrols and LandCruisers are very popular for tuning in that region. Check out 1320video‘s footage below to see the new king of Patrols.

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