Porsche celebrates 1.21gW charging infrastructure, goes Back to the Future

Alexi Falson

Porsche is celebrating a major milestone for electric vehicle charging infrastructure network across the USA and Europe, putting together a Back to the Future-inspired clip featuring one of the original movie cast members.

The recently-published clip was commissioned by Porsche to celebrate EV charging network officially hitting 1.21 gigawatts of power for the first time, through the Electrify America and the European Ionity networks.

If you’re wondering where the connection between the milestone and an iconic movie lies, this is a reference to the 1.21-gigawatts of power that Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown needed to utilise in order to travel back in time.

Porsche says that with the combined charging infrastructure on offer, the network has exceeded Doc’s 1.21-gigawatt requirement, giving owners of its Taycan electric vehicle more flexibility and reduced range anxiety while travelling long distances.

The company also says that recent and rapid expansion of both networks has resulted in the creation of the largest DC fast-charging network throughout the US and Europe, with a number of third-party options complementing the total figure.

As it stands, there are 372 Ionity charging stations throughout Europe, and 670 Electrify America charging stations in the US that offer a combined 4800 individual electric vehicle chargers.

The most recent numbers provided by Tesla on its Supercharger network in the USA shows that there are around 1101 stations, with an average of nine charging ports per station, which equates to 9909 chargers in total.

In order to make up for this shortfall, Porsche is offering Taycan owners in the US and Canada free access to a fast-charger for the first 30 minutes for a period of three years from the time of purchase.

Thanks to Porsche’s 800-volt battery architecture, Taycan owners are able to charge from 5-80 per cent in the space of just 22 minutes using a 270kW charger. See the clip below for more.

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