Peugeot Australia announces price cuts & mass drive-away deals

Brett Davis

Looking to buy a suave new French car? Now is the time, as Peugeot Australia has just announced competitive drive-away pricing deals for most models in its range.

Peugeot 208 Allure Sport

This means an overall increase in value and it means Peugeot models are now more accessible to a wider audience. Selected variants of the 208 compact hatch, 308, and 508 models receive drive-away prices, as well as some 2008, 3008, and 4008 crossover models.

Peugeot says that in some cases there is savings of up to $5500 compared with the previous non-drive-away deals, for example with the 508 Allure diesel sedan. Even for the models that aren’t offered at drive-away prices, there are some price cuts for some models too.

In a statement, John Startari, Peugeot Australia general manager, said the change to drive-away pricing was prompted by a positive consumer response to a recent drive-away deal offered with the 308. Startari said,

“The introduction of drive-away pricing is aimed at ensuring that all Peugeot customers gain access to the same offers Australia-wide. As a bonus they also receive greater value due to price reductions across relevant models.”

As usual, all new Peugeot vehicles sold in Australia come with a three-year/100,000km warranty, and a three-year Assurance roadside assistance program. See below for the new pricing structure. These are effective immediately.
(The table below is an image and can be clicked to enlarge.)

Peugeot Australia 2015 pricing

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