McLaren Mercedes: The Secret World of Unit 2

Brett Davis

McLaren Mercedes has just revealed The Secret World of Unit 2 images and footage, and has allowed current McLaren F1 drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton inside for a quick squiz at the company’s goosebump-inducing Unit 2 holding factory.

The warehouse is full of previous generation Formula One cars, including the actual cars driven by Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell. It’s interesting to see that even such high-calibre A-class drivers such as Button and Hamilton are still moved by the sacred sights inside the warehouse.

The McLaren Mercedes website has also just posted up an interesting gallery of the factory which is full of super-exotic memorabilia. There are panels, wings, complete shells, and entire F1 cars just sitting around, collecting history, and dust. Scroll down and see for yourself. It’s quite amazing.

Imagine how much money everything in the warehouse is worth. Anyone care to have a guess? We don’t actually know but we’d be betting well into the hundred-million-dollar region. Very cool.

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