Mazda tweaks MX-5 Speedster & RF for upcoming SEMA

Two special Mazda MX-5s will be shown at November’s SEMA show in Las Vegas; a sleek, lightweight Speedster Evolution and a sleek matte-black ‘Kuro’ variation of the clever hardtop MX-5 RF.


With contrasting white and grey colour choice, each car represents a different take on the MX-5 philosophy.

The Speedster Evolution is an even more focused version of the ND Speedster of last year. Weight has been taken down another 45kg to scrape under the 900kg mark, which is astounding for a modern, steel-bodied car.

Being a traditional Speedster, there is no windscreen and the white paintwork is set off with black bodykit accents as well as black alloys. The full details of how these weight savings were achieved will have to wait for November.

The RF Kuro is quite happy with its windscreen and steel rooftop, with its name derived from the Japanese word for ‘charcoal’. Aside from the paintjob, nothing more radical than 17-inch RAYS alloys and the adjustable suspension from the MX-5 Cup racers have been added.

No engine upgrades are mentioned at this stage, but as we’ve covered, US company Flyin’ Miata will happily convert your ND to GM LS V8 power for a price, adding 119kg of weight over the front end. This combination in the Speedster Evolution is surely a mouth-watering one.