Lister working on new sports car & $3.6 million hypercar

British sports car maker Lister is planning to introduce an all-new sports car and an epic hypercar in the years to come. It’s all part of the company’s relaunch which took place at the end of 2013.

Lister hypercar future

Since the rebirth, Lister has sold nine of its ‘Knobbly’ anniversary cars. At £350,000 each, it generated an order book of £3 million. The company is now looking to expand and develop a low-volume hypercar to compete with the best in the world.

No details or planned specifications have been released. The only insight we get are these preview sketches which show a low profile two-door coupe in a similar layout to the Ferrari F12. Lawrence Whittaker, managing director of Lister Cars, said,

“Our aspiration has always been to return the Lister brand to the forefront of people’s minds. Over the coming years our ambitions are to create a world beating brand new Hypercar with a list price of somewhere in the region of  £2million (about AU$3.6 million).

“We are currently seeking external investors that have the desire to join us on what promises to be an incredible journey, because if we proceed with our ambitious plans, it is fundamental that the entire project is sufficiently resourced in order to deliver a serious, world-beating new product.”

Those who haven’t heard of Lister, it was the brand responsible for the Lister XJS 7.0 V12 released in 1989. It then went on to compete in Le Mans with a special vehicle called the Storm, of which four were made for the road. It will be interesting to see what the company comes up with next, if it can get the backing.