Kicherer Mercedes-Benz CLS Edition Black

Josh Bennis

This Kicherer Mercedes-Benz CLS Edition Black takes on one of the latest Euro trends. Once upon a time you wouldn’t be caught dead driving a car wearing matte black paint. Now it’s the norm on some of the coolest cars in the world.

German Tuning house Kicherer has been around since 1976, so you could say it knows a thing or two about making impressive German cars, even better. This Mercedes-Benz CLS550 might only have what they call ‘modest’ upgrades, but it ticks all the right boxes.

What’s so special about it? Well, it’s based on the new CLS550, which features the new 4.6-litre twin-turbo V8. New software upgrades and a sports exhaust system see power rise from 300kW to 347kW. Torque is also up 15 percent as a result. On the road, the extra horses would certainly give the car the extra grunt this large coupe-like sedan deserves.

Other features are Kicherer RS-1 20-inch forged alloy rims with low-profile high-performance tyres, also six-piston front calipers with four-pots in the back.

Inside the cabin you’ll find piano-black accents, while on the outside carbon-fibre additions let everyone know this CLS won’t be getting a set of HC plates. The matte black gives the car a real sinister appeal, looking more like something from Mad Max rather than Double Bay.

Kicherer takes pride in making only the very best high-end cars even better, stating on their website, “almost unlimited possibilities for the individual design of high-end solutions for the most demanding customers”. Impressive statement. We’d certainly love a drive. Nice job, Kicherer.

For more information on this CLS be sure to check out the Kircherer website.

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