iX5 Takes on London as BMW Tosses up Hydrogen Fuel Cell Production Future

Alexi Falson

BMW’s test fleet of hydrogen fuel-cell iX5s has taken London by storm as the auto giant tosses up a potential series production run of the iX5 Hydrogen in the future.

The company says that after four years in development, its test fleet of 100 iX5 Hydrogens have been deployed internationally as BMW eyes off a potential hydrogen production car, spearheaded by its midsize SUV volume seller.

The iX5 features BMW’s fifth-gen electric powertrain pushing out 275kW of power and 720Nm of torque, with a 6kg tank of hydrogen translating to claimed range figures of 504km on the WLTP test cycle.

The reaction within the hydrogen fuel cell is capable of producing a continuous electrical output of 125kW, which feeds the battery pack.

We reported late last year that BMW was kicking off the production of its hydrogen fuel cells for the iX5 at its Munich facility.

The news was followed by a confirmation from BMW that a test fleet of 100 iX5 Hydrogen vehicles was hitting the road in 2023 as part of a feasibility test.

BMW executive, Frank Weber, has previously said that the fleet will be used to “gain new and valuable insights” that could eventuate in an “attractive product range once hydrogen becomes a widespread reality.”

A technical rundown of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen can be found below.

  • Maximum output of overall drive system: 295 kW/401 hp
  • Electric continuous output of the fuel-cell system: 125 kW/170 hp
  • Maximum output of the battery (lithium-ion technology): 170 kW/231 hp
  • Maximum output of the highly integrated electric drive unit: 295 kW/401 hp
  • Capacity of the hydrogen tanks: 6 kg hydrogen (gaseous)
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h (62 mph) < 6 s
  • Top speed: Over 180 km/h (112 mph)
  • Hydrogen consumption in the WLTP cycle: 1.19 kg/100 km
  • Range in the WLTP cycle: 504 km (313 miles)
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