Haval rules out diesel engine options for its SUVs

Despite voicing grand ambitions on many occasions to be as eponymous with SUVs as Jeep and Land Rover, even at times talking about number 1 position, Haval has ruled out any hope of diesel engine options for the foreseeable future.

Haval H8

Diesels represent a large proportion of sales in the large, medium and small SUV markets, with Ford Australia notably clamouring to develop a diesel for the Territory in 2011 to ensure its survival. Haval’s chief marketing officer Tim Smith said:

“The debate about diesel power was a long and robust one. Ultimately the future of that fuel has been decided by the market, the actions of other companies and a growing push for more stringent clean-air policies. Our team of engineers made a clear case they believe the development of diesel engines had reached its zenith and the era of smaller, more fuel-efficient petrol engines and powerful hybrid and electric engines was upon us.”

Haval will stick with a predominantly turbocharged four-cylinder range, which returned disappointing real-world consumption figures during our tests.

A hybrid, as previewed by the H7 concept at Beijing, is expected to join at some stage, but before then the H6 will launch later this year with a dual-clutch gearbox.