Video: 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport – Four-minute fang (POV)

Brett Davis

Welcome to our first ‘four-minute fang’ video. This is a new style we’re testing, and in this case, the star of the show is the 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport with the manual transmission.

Don’t worry, we will continue to create our usual (famous?) 0-100km/h videos for you and we will continually try to evolve them without ruining the raw nature that we all love. For the four-minute fang, it is exactly that. We take the car for a blast along a spirited road for around four minutes, with POV-style camera footage for most of it to capture the driving experience for you.

We’ve also placed cameras in various positions in and around the car, as well as externally to capture what the car looks and sounds like when driving. It’s not quite ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) level, but we like to think this is getting near the driving equivalent. Our full review and 0-100 video of the 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport is coming soon.

In the meantime, we’ll quickly tell you there are no mechanical changes to the 2020 model since the 2018 version arrived. It continues with its peppy 1.4-litre turbo producing 103kW and 230Nm, which is just right for the 945kg hot hatch (yes, 945kg in manual form). In short, it is one of our favourite cars of all time. It’s cheap and cheerful yet always up for some fun, but also extremely practical, economical, and well-kitted. Check it out below.

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