GWM details upcoming 340kW ‘Hi4’ hybrid 4WD powertrain

Alexi Falson

GWM has lifted the lid on details surrounding its upcoming series parallel hybrid 4WD powertrain, called the Hi4, with the company boasting power outputs of 340kW.

The company has stopped short of giving us the full rundown, though it says the new e-hybrid architecture offers three power sources and a dual-axis power distribution from a pair of electric motors, and an ICE unit under the bonnet.

GWM claims the ICE unit offers industry-leading thermal efficiency of 41.5 per cent thanks to a high-pressure injection system and a low-pressure exhaust recirculating system, with a claimed 8 per cent increase in energy efficiency thanks to a new management system.

GWM says the Hi4 platform offers 100km of all-electric driving, with 30 minutes of fast-charging translating to a 30-80 per cent charge for the lithium-ion battery pack.

The dual electric motor design also enables regenerative braking, torque vectoring for extra grip on loose surfaces and to increase agility at speed, as well as the ability to switch from 2WD to 4WD instantly.

GWM hasn’t given us a timeline on when we can expect to see its first model powered by the Hi4 platform, though says it will “revolutionise the hybrid SUV market” when it does arrive. An unnamed powertrain technical officer at GWM saidL

“The Hi4 platform represents a major breakthrough in hybrid technology, providing an innovative combination of efficiency, safety, and value that has been previously considered impossible. The Hi4 platform provides powerful performance and lower fuel consumption, and with its innovative dual-motor and dual-axis control functions, it also improves handling stability and driving safety during turns.”

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