JRM Nissan GT-R GT23 unveiled as ultimate RWD track toy

A company in the UK called JRM is building custom, track-ready yet road-legal packages for the R35 Nissan GT-R, called the GT23. The project is inspired by the GT-R Nismo GT1 racing car.

The idea behind the build was to create the ultimate race car for the road, JRM says. And as you can see by the preview images, the GT-R is transformed into what can only be described as a full-on racing car. All panels are enhanced in some way, with massive aero for downforce and airflow control.

JRM says it has reviewed all of the major systems in the car, and redesigned various components so they are more suitable for track driving. There’s also “significant” changes to weight and weight distribution, involving revisions to the engine and gearbox positioning, and mods to the suspension layout. The end result is just 1275kg.

Under the bonnet the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 is tuned to produce 650hp (485kW). This is sent through a six-speed sequential transmission using a metal four-plate 5.5-inch clutch. Unlike the regular GT-R, the GT23 is converted to permanent rear-wheel drive.

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The company says the power-to-weight ratio has been improved to 500hp:1000kg. For reference, the standard GT-R, which produces 419kW (562hp) and weighs 1765kg, offers a ratio of 318hp:1000kg. JRM technical director Elliot Dason-Barber said:

“To take a car that is already a serious machine and hone it to our racing specification, that includes the new JRM sensor system, has been incredibly rewarding and enabled us to demonstrate our capabilities to a market that really know their cars.”

For those wanting something even more hardcore, the company is offering an Extreme Pack. It adds a racing splitter system, air jacks, centre-lock hubs and wheels, a race fuel fill system, racing harnesses and race net, fire extinguisher and FIA roll cage, and an extra 100hp (75kW) for the engine.

JRM is planning to produce 23 of these very unique and very fast GT-Rs, which are apparently road legal, with prices starting from £380,000. Order books are open now with deliveries to commence in 2020. Head over to JRM for more info.

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