Ferrari Enzo found impounded and abandoned in Dubai

August 29, 2011

How’s this for an appalling sight? It’s an impounded and, by the looks of that dust, abandoned Ferrari Enzo. It was found sitting in a yard in Dubai recently.

It’s hard to imagine such an exotic and awesomely rare slice of Ferrari history just sitting, neglected somewhere literally gathering dust. And not the nice dust that a storage garage accumulates either. The Ferrari Enzo is totally open to the harsh Middle Eastern elements; scorching sunshine and dust storms.

Since the abandoned Ferrari Enzo is sitting in a police impound yard, it is very likely the 1-of-399 supercars will be auctioned off at some point. The part that really makes our hearts feels compressed is the fact that to buy one of these in the first place, buyers had to go through a kind of screening/selection process undertaken by Ferrari. Ferrari would not simply sell the Ferrari Enzo to the first 399 customers that walked in.

Obviously the man in charge of that department at Ferrari was a bit hung-over or something on the day that this person signed up to buy one.

A second-hand Ferrari Enzo could easily fetch over $1 million, in case you’ve suddenly got the urge to head over to Dubai for the local auctions.

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