Enjuku Racing Hyundai Genesis LS1 V8 at 2011 SEMA

Enjuku Racing has unveiled a special Enjuku Racing Hyundai Genesis LS1 V8 project racer at the 2011 SEMA Show. The sporty coupe features a stonking supercharged 350ci Chev conversion.

The Enjuku Racing Hyundai Genesis LS1 V8 project was one of the more serious track-oriented packages on show at SEMA this year. It features plenty of mechanical upgrades and revisions all aimed at maximising the car’s performance.

First up, under the bonnet. Enjuku Racing has managed to squeeze in an LS1 5.7-litre Chevrolet V8 into the engine bay. Not only is it a big Chev engine – replacing the standard 3.8-litr V6 unit – Enjuku Racing also decided to supercharge it for good measure (no word on official power figures yet).

The Enjuku Racing Hyundai Genesis LS1 V8 project also features a manual transmission feeding power into a Quaife limited-slip differential. Each corner is fitted with adjustable BC Racing coilover suspension kit keeping BC Racing wheels planted onto the tarmac.

To make sure the Enjuku Racing Hyundai Genesis LS1 pulls up on demand the car gets a Wilwood brake package, while cosmetics are enhanced via certain VIS Racing body parts and carbon fibre panels.

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Click play on the video below for a bit of an overview of the car and the build process. It’s a pretty damn awesome build, wouldn’t you say?

(Images courtesy of AutoGuide)

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