2024 Lexus GX debuts, under consideration for Australia

Brett Davis

Lexus has revealed its all-new GX seven-seat SUV. This is set to give us plenty of clues regarding the direction of the next-gen Toyota Prado.

The Lexus GX has been offered overseas for some time now, where it has always been based on the equivalent Prado of the time. As you can see, the new GX showcases quite a dramatic design not really seen on any existing Lexus.

One element is cemented; this thing is all about ruggedness and off-road intentions. The straight roofline and upright windows are against the current (and perhaps outgoing) trend of coupe-style SUVs, while the front end incorporates a new interpretation of the Lexus spindle grille, with slim headlights and taillights.

Unlike the current Prado, this new GX is underpinned by the TGNA-F platform, which, interestingly, is what underpins the 300 Series LandCruiser. With this ladder-frame setup Lexus says the new model offers improved on and off road diving and compatibility, with added safety and strength.

The platform supports a live-axle rear end adopting a four-link suspension setup, with an independent double-wishbone front. Full specs are yet to be uncovered but Lexus does confirm a 26-degree approach angle which it says is 5 degrees more than the previous model.

Under the bonnet, buyers will be able to select from a 3.4-litre twin-turbo V6 or a 2.4-litre turbo-petrol four-cylinder hybrid. Important figures haven’t been confirmed but these engines develop 305kW in LX 600, and 273kW in the RX 500h F Sport. It’s unclear if there will be a diesel option, but our guess is such an option will be reserved for the Prado counterpart.

With the GA-F platform it means the GX is properly geared for off-road excursions. The body offers a 26-degree approach angle, and there’s a unique Overtrail variant that receives Toyota’s E-KDSS electronic sway bar disconnect feature that opens up suspension travel.

Other technologies that assist in serious conditions include a multi-terrain monitor system that features various external cameras to give the driver a clear view of the surroundings, as well as Multi-Terrain Select driving modes with Auto, Dirt, Deep Snow and Rock, Mud, and Sand settings.

All models feature a full-time four-wheel drive system and a low-range transfer case. The V6 uses a 10-speed auto while the 2.4 hybrid gets a new eight-speed automatic. Speaking about the new model, GX chief engineer Koji Tsukasaki said:

“The aim of the new GX is to create a Lexus off-roader that symbolises the central core of authentic Lexus off-roading. It is not just a model change, but a game changer that turns a new page for Lexus. It has been thoroughly developed for driving on all kinds of terrains, from winding roads to rocky, dirt roads all over the world. However, you don’t have to push the limits all the time with this vehicle.”

Lexus Australia says it is assessing the GX for a potential local introduction, but says a decision will be made at a later stage.

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