2018 Nissan Navara Series III now on sale in Australia

Nissan Australia is introducing the Series III Navara range, which promises to be more capable on and off the road, easier to live with and more enjoyable overall.

The updates were initiated by Nissan Australia and tested extensively in Australia, the company says. A majority of the updates are applied to dual-cab SL, ST, and ST-X variants, now featuring dual-rate springs to improve handling and drive, especially when carrying a load.

There’s also a dynamic rebound damper added to the rear end which is designed to contact the chassis rail when laden to help minimise body movement, while providing comfort and compliance when not laden.

Some adjustments have been made to the steering system in the aforementioned models, with the gear ratio quicken up from 21.5:1 to 19.0:1. This essentially means fewer turns are required going from lock to lock, dropping from 4.1 revolutions to 3.4. It also means it should feel nimbler in the bends and in tight situations.

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Upgrades have been applied to the interior to help with safety and practicality. There’s now a 360-degree parking camera view on the ST-X, second row ISOFIX child seat points for the second row in all dual-cab models, while a rear-view camera is available on the pickup variants and sat-nav added to the ST King Cab.

All SL, ST, and ST-X models receive a digital speedometer cluster, as well as more tie-down points for the tray area, or repositioned ones for better use, while RX, SL and ST pickup grades the tie hooks have been lowered. Speaking about the revisions, Stephen Lester, Nissan Australia MD, said:

“Incorporating more safety and technology, the biggest changes are under the metal with updates to suspension and steering that have helped improve ride and handling. Whether it is being used by trade professionals or active families, we hope the 2018 upgrades to sway Ute buyers towards the Nissan Navara. It is an extremely capable vehicle.”

No changes are made under the bonnet, leaving 2.3-litre twin-turbo diesel four-cylinder to its 140kW and 450Nm specification. There’s also a single turbo version for the lower grades. See below for the starting prices for the 2018 Navara lineup (excludes on-roads). It’s on sale now.

Single Cab
DX 4×46MTCab Chassis $31,990
RX 4×26MTCab Chassis $25,990
RX 4×46MTCab Chassis $32,990
RX 4×47ATCab Chassis $35,490
King Cab
RX 4×26MTCab Chassis $28,490
RX 4×46MTCab Chassis $35,490
RX 4×46MTPickup $37,290 (+$300)
ST 4×46MTPickup $43,990
ST 4×47ATPickup $46,490
ST-X 4×46MTPickup $49,990
ST-X 4×47ATPickup $52,490*

* Leather accented seats + driver’s power + front heated (Option on ST-X 4×4 7AT) $1,500

Dual Cab
RX 4×26MTPickup$33,490(+$500)
RX 4×27ATPickup$35,990(+$500)
ST 4×26MTPickup$40,190(+$200)
ST 4×27ATPickup$42,690(+$200)
ST-X 4×26MTPickup$44,990*
ST-X 4×27ATPickup$47,490*

* Leather accented seats + driver’s power + front heated (Option on ST-X 4×2 6MT/7AT) $1,500

RX 4×46MTCab Chassis $38,490
RX 4×47ATCab Chassis $40,990
RX 4×47ATPickup $42,990(+$500)
SL 4×46MTPickup $43,990
SL 4×47ATPickup $46,490
ST 4×46MTPickup $47,190(+$200)
ST 4×47ATPickup $49,690(+$200)
ST-X 4×46MTPickup $51,990*
ST-X 4×47ATPickup $54,490*

* Leather seats + driver’s power + front heated (Option on ST-X 4×4 6MT/7AT) $1,500

* Sunroof (Option on ST-X 4×4 6MT/7AT) $1,000

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