Sergio Marchionne

FCA boss Marchionne keen to chat to Volkswagen on possible partnership

Mar 23, 2017

Talks of will-they, won’t-they mergers or partnerships between FCA and Volkswagen have been circulating for years now. Everything from VW coveting CEO Sergio Marchionne’s Alfa Romeo marque, both sides stubbornly refusing at various stages to...

Sergio Marchionne appointed as Ferrari CEO

May 03, 2016

Sergio Marchionne has been appointed as new CEO at Ferrari. He steps in to replace Amedeo Felisa, while continuing as boss of Fiat Chrysler overall. As boss of Fiat Chrysler and current chairman of Ferrari...

FCA boss Marchionne questions Tesla Model 3 profitability

Apr 18, 2016

Outspoken sweater-brandishing head of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Sergio Marchionne has defied the tide of almost universal praise and applause directed at the Tesla Model 3, questioning its profitability. Tesla has set records for the most...

Sergio Marchionne retracts bid on FCA and GM collaboration

Jul 16, 2015

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has confirmed he is no longer considering a possible merger with General Motors, four months after his initial proposal was rejected. In his first public comments regarding the merger, Marchionne...

Fiat-Chrysler boss Marchionne to step down in 2018

Oct 09, 2014

Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, the man behind the merger and the drastic plans that have helped positively transform the group, has announced he plans to retire from the position after the five-year plan is complete...

Sergio Marchionne gives inspirational speech at Walsh College

Feb 04, 2013

It’s not everyday that a very prominent automotive executive addresses a large group of students during a commencement ceremony. Sergio Marchionne, however, did just that last weekend. If you haven’t heard of Marchionne, he is...

US Volkswagen owners offered $1000 if they buy a Fiat-Chrysler

Dec 10, 2012

Fiat has only been in the US for a short period, but after buying Chrysler earlier in the year it seems the paired company is really pushing to increase its fan base. So much so...

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