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Video: Drifting craze now about reverse entry

Apr 08, 2017

To many people, drifting is a skill and delicate artform that is extremely satisfying to perfect. The delicate balance required to sustain power oversteer on a circuit requires exceptional car control and an understanding of...

BMW 1 M Coupe gets M5 V10 conversion, insane drifting power (video)

Dec 21, 2016

Footage has appeared online of what we’re going to say is one of the most impressive engine conversions we’ve seen; a BMW 1 M fitted with a 5.0-litre V10 engine from the car’s big brother,...

Video: Vaughn Gittin Jr does massive drift at Catalunya circuit

Oct 27, 2016

Vaughn Gittin Jr drifting around Catalunya is the only video you need to see today, or even this week. Ford Performance has released the video, showingf Vaughn Gittin Jr piloting his high-performance Mustang RTR Spec...

Video: Nissan LEAF gets plastic rear wheels, for fun

May 17, 2016

Drifting as a motorsport is a precise art form, requiring specialised vehicles, usually rear-wheel drive with loads and loads of power. UK publication Autocar and journalist Matt Prior took to the British Drift Championship something...

Video: 1000hp Nissan 370Z drift cars celebrate Black Friday at shopping mall

Nov 26, 2015

You’ve probably all witnessed some form of shopping centre hooliganism. You know the sort; loud stereo, creeping over speed bumps at the speed of a snail, and of course donuts in the carpark. Nissan and...

Lamborghini Murcielago drift car begins testing, uses RWD conversion

Oct 14, 2015

You’ve probably seen your fair share of awesome drift cars and crazy conversions, including that old Subaru WRX with the BMW M5 V10 conversion, but we’re betting this one takes the cake. Yep, it’s a...

Back to school… with Drift School Australia (video)

Sep 02, 2015

When we do have a performance car on review, we’re usually lucky enough to head out to the track and see what it’s all about. Eliminating the limitations of the public road and blasting around...

Famous Footwear does Ken Block parody with ‘Momkhana’

Feb 23, 2015

A funny video from Famous Footwear has hit the airwaves, taking a stab at Ken Block and his DC-Shoes-sponsored Gymkhana video series. Instead of the usual Ford rally car, Famous Footwear is targeting families and...

A 2JZ-powered Toyota Cressida and a Norwegian man (videos)

Nov 07, 2014

Every now and then a man and his machine come together in perfect harmony. And with good video editing and equipment, the relationship produces some of the most memorable and inspiring pieces of cinematography in...

Video: Toyota 86 breaks longest drift world record

Aug 01, 2014

A new world record has been set for the world’s longest continuous drift, achieved by German driver Harald Muller in a modified Toyota GT 86. There has been criticism over the legitimacy of the record...

Video: BMW M235i creates ‘drift mob’ dance at roundabout

Jul 31, 2014

Remember the BMW M teaser from yesterday? It turns out BMW M wasn’t planning to reveal the M2 as initially thought. Instead, it invented the ‘Drift mob’. Using four BMW M235i sports coupes, a special...

Dodge Charger sedan drifting at 220km/h in the Middle East

May 21, 2014

The driver of the Dodge Charger sedan in the video below is nothing less than insane. Going by the speedo, he slides the Dodge Charger down the four-lane public highway (somewhere in the Middle East) at speeds...

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