Caterham wants conventional sports car, seeking partnership

Dec 30, 2016

British sportscar maker Caterham is considering building a more conventional sports car, separate from its semi open-wheel lightweights that it usually makes, a report has revealed. According to a recent Autocar report, Caterham is considering...

Caterham Seven Sprint goes retro, just 60 being made

Sep 12, 2016

If you’re a big fan of the notion of ‘back-to-basics motoring’, Caterham has just launched what could be the perfect car for you. It’s called the Seven Sprint. As you can see, this is a...

Caterham Seven 620S announced, more sane version of 620R

Jan 11, 2016

Track car fans will be excited to hear Caterham has launched a new option pack, called the Seven 620S. It’s designed to be a slightly more liveable version of the 620R – the fastest production...

Video: Tesla Model S P85D up against Caterham’s mental 620R

Jul 27, 2015

Here are two very different vehicles which you would never expect to line up for an angry battle. A 2238kg electric luxury sedan squaring up against a 545kg featherweight club-racer. The drag racing escapades of...

Caterham SUV design sketch leaked online?

Nov 29, 2013

An image has surfaced online showing the silhouette of a potential Caterham SUV. The company has denied owning the image and rejected any association attached to it. Sometimes design sketches are ‘leaked’ online to build...

Caterham Group announces new motorcycle division

Nov 05, 2013

British sports carmaker Caterham has announced it is launching its first ever motorcycle division called Caterham Bikes. The new company is making its debut at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, currently underway. So, what...

Caterham AeroSeven Concept revealed

Sep 23, 2013

Caterham has unveiled its latest and perhaps strangest-looking model yet, called the AeroSeven Concept. Even though it is just a concept at this stage, a production version is said to be on the horizon. Sporting...

Caterham teases all-new model on the side of F1 car

Sep 09, 2013

If you’ve got a keen eye for detail, you might have noticed Caterham provided a little preview of an upcoming sports car during the weekend’s F1. Creatively, a faint silhouette was attached to the side...

New Caterham Seven to feature turbo Suzuki 660cc engine

Aug 06, 2013

An all-new Caterham Seven is on the way, powered by a turbocharged 660cc three-cylinder Suzuki engine. The engine will be the smallest, most efficient engine ever installed into a Seven. The engine will help the...

Caterham Seven 620R revealed, most powerful ever

Jul 09, 2013

Caterham has revealed its new most powerful road car ever, the Seven 620R, just ahead of its debut at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The insane new model replaces the 196kW R500. Featuring an...

New Caterham Seven entry-level lightweight on the way

Jun 03, 2013

Caterham is planning to introduce a new entry-level lightweight Seven, and has just released a teaser image to prove it. The image doesn’t reveal much other than the traditional semi-open-wheel layout. The new version will...

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