Volkswagen developing flat battery system for future EVs

Volkswagen has confirmed it plans to install flat battery packs into future models to boost its EV lineup and environmental credibility.

Volkswagen electric concept-2016 CES preview

With demand for EVs growing, and technologies becoming more affordable and accessible, Volkswagen brand chief Herbert Diess has confirmed it is time for VW to get involved in the EV market segment. In an interview with VW internal newspaper Insight, Diess was quoted as saying:

“We are developing a special vehicle architecture that foresees the installation of flat batteries. This will be a breakthrough for us.”

As well as this, Volkswagen has also created a new business segment known as โ€˜New Volkswagenโ€™, for the development of new smart-vehicle technologies. Diess said:

“The automobile world is changing dramatically and new players have unbelievable resources. Now itโ€™s important to revamp and let things go to invest in other things like software development and battery production.โ€

We also heard last week that Volkswagen is set to unveil an all-new electric concept car at the upcoming CES event in Las Vegas next month (previewed above), so expect a much more electric-focused Volkswagen lineup in the near future.