Video: 300kW Hyundai iMax N twin-turbo torturing tyres

In case you missed the initial reveal last week, here’s a video of the Hyundai iMax N, known as the ‘Drift Bus’, undergoing the delicate procedure of delaminating a set of tyres.

We should make one thing clear, this isn’t a production car that you can buy at your local Hyundai dealer. It’s a one-off creation designed and engineered right here in Australia. It was a top secret project put together by the company’s local engineers, designed to highlight the spirit of the N brand.

And spirit it has. The eight-seater people-mover features a custom 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 that churns out over 300kW and 555Nm. This is fed through an eight-speed automatic before being pushed relentlessly through a locked differential.

It is wicked, and perfect for drifting. How perfect? Check out the video below and you’ll see for yourself. What a machine. All we can say is, build more of these please Hyundai.

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