Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid on sale in Australia from $42,990

The freshly-updated Nissan Pathfinder will soon be available in Australia in hybrid form, in four different trim levels. This is the first hybrid SUV in its segment.

Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

Nissan Australia launched the new-look Pathfinder late last year, but until now it’s only been available with a rather thirsty V6 petrol engine. Introducing the hybrid means you can now jump into a large petrol-based SUV with an average economy as low as 8.4L/100km.

Two main powertrains are available, including a two-wheel drive version and an all-wheel drive. Both comprise of a 2.5-litre supercharged four-cylinder petrol motor paired with a 15kW electric motor.

Combined output is an impressive 188kW of power and 330Nm of torque. Nissan says the hybrid package offers a torque curve almost identical to the regular V6 engine. Of course, the benefit is lower fuel consumption.

The two-wheel drive model consumes 8.4L/100km, with the all-wheel drive trailing closely behind at 8.5L/100km. Compared with the V6 models, the benefits are clear. The front-wheel drive V6 uses 9.9L/100km, while the on-demand 4×4 uses 10.2L/100km.

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Nissan has implemented two clutch systems for the hybrid, including one for the supercharger engagement and another for the 15kW electric motor engagement. Depending on what mode you are driving in, and the conditions, the on-board computer can call for power as it is needed.

It doesn’t matter if you go for the two- or all-wheel drive, the complex powertrain is backed by an X-Tronic continuously variable automatic transmission, with regenerative braking functions to recharge the 144-volt lithium-ion battery.

Four trim levels will officially go on sale in September, including the ST, ST-L, ST-L with the option pack, and the Ti. See below for the respective package equipment list.

Pathfinder Hybrid ST 2WD

2.5-litre supercharged four-cylinder petrol engine (QR25DER)
15kW electric torque assist motor
144 volt Lithium-ion battery
Regenerative braking system
Electric Active Control Mounts (E-ACM)
Active Noise Control (ANC)
Seven seats as standard
EZ Flex seating system (for easy access to the third row of seats)
Reversing camera with predictive path technology
Rear parking sensors
Hill Start Assist (HSA)
Tri-zone automatic climate control
Intelligent key
18-inch alloy wheels
LED tail lights

Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L 4WD
The Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L contains all of the features of the ST model grade plus the following:

ALL-MODE 4×4-i system
Front sunroof (for front-seat occupants) and panoramic glass roof (for second- and third-row occupants)
Leather accented seats
Heated front seats
Electronically adjustable driver’s seat including lumbar support
Electronic steering wheels adjustment
Heated side mirrors
Front fog lamps
Chrome side mouldings

Option pack: Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L 4WD
The Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L is available with an option pack, which contains the following features:

Around View Monitor (AVM)
Satellite navigation
Premium BOSE audio system
8-inch colour VGA LCD front display
9Gb music box

Pathfinder Hybrid Ti 4WD
The Pathfinder Hybrid Ti contains all of the features of the ST-L model grade plus the following:

20-inch alloy wheels
Power tailgate (open and close)
Around View Monitor (AVM)
Satellite navigation
Premium BOSE audio system
8-inch colour VGA LCD front display
9Gb music box
Dual 7-inch rear screen DVD entertainment system with IR headphones, wired jack and remote control
Heated and cooled front seats
Reverse synchronisation mirrors
Position memory linked to Intelligent Key (driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors)

Prices are as follows (excluding on-road costs):

Retail Price
Pathfinder ST V6 2WD$39,990
Pathfinder Hybrid ST 2WD $42,990
Pathfinder ST-L V6 2WD$50,490
Pathfinder ST-L V6 2WD w/ Option Pack$52,590
Pathfinder Ti V6 2WD$60,990


Retail Price
Pathfinder ST V6 4WD$44,490
Pathfinder ST-L V6 4WD$54,490
Pathfinder ST-L V6 4WD w/ Option Pack$56,590
Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L 4WD $57,490
Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L 4WD w/ Option Pack $59,590
Pathfinder Ti V6 4WD$65,090
Pathfinder Hybrid Ti 4WD $68,090

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