Next-gen Nissan GT-R ‘R36’ design development commences

May 17, 2016

While a freshened up GT-R is headed our way for the model year 2017, Nissan is working on a massive overhaul for the next-generation GT-R.

Nissan Vision Gran Turismo concept

Designers are said to be reworking the aero package, as well as improving the efficiency of the twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Nissan’s chief creative officer Shiro Nakamura has confirmed some of the extent of the redesign in an Automotive News report, saying:

“It’s very tough to redesign this car, but we are starting now. I think we can change to better proportions – the width, the height… Anything we change on this car will contribute to better performance, better areo.”

Aside from a completely redesigned body, the next GT-R might even come with electric propulsion, at least partially. Nakamura said that it is “inevitable for any car”, saying that “if the next-generation GT-R has some electrification, nobody would be surprised at that time”.

The latest, MY2017 Nissan GT-R, unveiled at the New York auto show, continues to use the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine. It’s not the most economical engine, especially by today’s performance and even supercar standards. It’s attached to an official consumption average of 11.7L/100km.

Nissan will be looking to get this figure much lower for the R36 version. If an electric motor (or two) is adopted, it might also help with low-down torque and getting the beast off the line. Not that it needs much help as the current model can already conquer 0-100km/h in just 2.7 seconds.

Sadly, Nakamura didn’t confirm any release dates for the next-gen GT-R, so we’ll have to keep you updated.

Note: Nissan Vision Gran Turismo concept shown

Alexi is a contributing news journalist and junior road tester at PerformanceDrive. He has a passion and appreciation for the engineering in cars, as well as new technologies that lessen the impact on the environment. His dream cars are an M3 to drive to work, and a LaFerrari for the weekend.

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