MTM T400 tuning kit for VW Multivan Comfortline T5

German tuning company MTM has given mums and dads with a passion for performance cars something to get excited about. Called the MTM T400 kit, it turns your everyday van into a damn fast people mover.

MTM T400 Volkswagen Multivan TDI400 front side

The T400 kit is based on the 2.0-litre TSI Volkswagen Multivan Comfortline T5 4Motion. It raises engine power to a cool 265kW and 465Nm, up from 150kW and 350Nm. As a result 0-100 comes up in just 7.1-seconds – more than enough speed to surprise a few motorists.

MTM has addressed just about every avenue to make the Multivan a hardcore family mobile. There’s a turbo back exhaust system, a full retune of the engine’s ECU, and a software upgrade for the seven-speed DSG auto. Bringing the car to a halt are 380mm discs with six-piston calipers, or if you’re after something stronger, you can go for huge 405mm discs with eight-piston calipers.

Suspension-wise, MTM offer a range of setups: everything from Bilstein and KW coilovers kits, to air suspension setups, a body lift suspension package, and even a special setup that’s designed for off road use. The company also offers specific items such as automatic leveling for Xenon lights, MTM floor mats, and a TV tuner cable.

Volkswagen has discontinued the TSI engine for the Multivan in Australia, leaving us with the TDI340 and TDI400. Prices for the Volkswagen Multivan Comfortline T5 start from $49,990. Standard features include seating for up to seven occupants, three-zone climate control, and retractable blinds in the passenger area.

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