Mazda 767b Le Mans car crashes at Goodwood Festival (video)

The car world lost a good friend today, with a 1989 Mazda 767b Le Mans race car tragically crashing out of the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed hill climb event.

Mazda 767B crash Goodwood

Seniji Hoshino was behind the wheel for a timed sprint of the iconic climb, escaping the incident with only minor injuries.

The Mazda 767b has a long and illustrious racing pedigree. Despite lacking the overall pace of some of its competitors, the Mazda’s reliability played a massive part in its 24 Hours of Le Mans victory in the GTP class in 1989.

It was also one of the last race cars to be powered by a rotary engine, and it remains the only Japanese vehicle and the only rotary-powered vehicle to win at Le Mans.

Power could be tuned up to 671kW/607Nm with its quad-rotor engine, but this was taken back to the 521kW mark for better reliability.

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