Lewis Hamilton posts cool video on Instagram, trashing a rented Nissan GT-R R34

Brett Davis

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton has posted a cool video up onto his Instagram account, taking what is believed to be a rented Nissan R34 GT-R for a trash through the streets of Japan.

The video is quite an entertaining one in terms of how it is edited together, and it shows the Formula 1 champ is a proper car and driving enthusiast at heart judging by both the specific car he uses for the video, and the way the video is directed.

Hamilton flogs it through some of Japan’s iconic tunnels, which have been the location for various high-speed antics in the past with the aftermarket car community, and even performs some donuts in what appears to be a wet car park or dead-end street.

It’s understood the GT-R may have been rented from a company called Omoshiro Rent-A-Car, and apparently the company isn’t happy about how Hamilton drove the car. After the donuts some smoke is seen pluming up through the transmission tunnel. Although seeming alarming, it looks like it is just tyre smoke.

As with many things in the celebrity world, the video may have been a stunt from the beginning, designed to build the profile of the F1 driver, with or without the Japanese rental car company’s permission.

We ain’t complaining. It’s always great to see multimillionaires doing things us regular people could only dream of doing. In any case, the video has been liked by over 1.7 million profiles on Instagram, with 17.9 million views so far (at time of writing). Check it out below.


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