Keyvany creates crazy Lamborghini Urus upgrades

Brett Davis

Say, for some reason, you’re not attracting enough attention in your standard, yellow Lamborghini Urus. And you feel like there just isn’t enough power to get you and your passengers up to speed as quick as you’d hoped. Maybe, then, it’s time to upgrade.

Over in Germany a tuning company called Keyvany has just revealed its latest upgrade pack for the hypo SUV. It, as you will probably agree, turns it up and snaps the knob off. In every way, not just cosmetically or with the under-bonnet stuff.

Let’s start wit the former. There are obviously lots of new carbon fibre bits and pieces, including a carbon bonnet and front panel, front grille and lower spoiler, wheel arch extensions, side mirrors, side skirts, and then at the back, it’s just bonkers.

There’s a chunky-as-hell diffuser complete with giant fins, a matching yellow outline that highlights the fins and main apparatus, while the very edges feature unique flicks. An extended rear spoiler, trim piece connecting the taillights, and another roof spoiler adds more spaceship excitement, all in carbon fibre. A pair of jet-like corner vents no doubt add thrust.

Thanks to all of these carbon parts, some of which replace the stock components, the weight is apparently reduced by an impressive 75kg. A set of 24-inch (yes, 24) forged alloy wheels further set the tone for this beast.

As for the under-bonnet work, the standard 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, which usually produces 478kW and 850Nm, is tuned so it now produces 552kW and a mega 1000Nm. The result is a 0-100km/h time reduced from 3.6 seconds to just 3.4 seconds.

As we found our during our testing, the standard version is actually capable of 3.44 seconds, so we’re guessing the improvements here might produce even better results. The top speed is also lifted from 305km/h to 325km/h.

So, for those of you suffering the initial proposed problem, this kit should satisfy your needs, right? Let us know what you think. You can head over to Keyvany for more details as well.

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