SRT Tomahawk Vision GT concept previewed (video)

Fiat-Chrysler is planning to join the Vision Gran Turismo bandwagon, releasing some teaser images and video of its upcoming SRT Tomahawk Vision GT concept car.

SRT Tomahawk Vision GT concept-preview

You know the deal by now. This is Fiat-Chrysler’s pitch for a special concept car made for the Gran Turismo 6 Sony PlayStation game. Vision concepts are all about futuristic design and propulsion.

In the SRT Tomahawk’s case, the exterior takes on a very low profile supercar-like design with a single-seat dome cabin layout. There’s also many wings and integrated aero bits and pieces, including Batmobile-style vertical winglets behind the rear wheels.

Other highlights include LED lights, huge alloy wheels – barely wearing tyres, the profile is so thin – a chunky diffuser setup at the back, and a unique five-outlet exhaust system.

In the engine compare, Fiat-Chrysler hasn’t yet spilled the beans on specific details only saying that it does use a hybrid powertrain. We’re guessing it will offer ample power and torque, matching well with a lightweight body.

Fiat-Chrysler will unveil the concept “soon”. It will then become available as a play car in the popular PlayStation game. Click play below for the video preview.