Jaguar C-X17 concept front end revealed

September 6, 2013

The front end of the upcoming Jaguar C-X17 concept has been revealed ahead of next week’s full unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept previews an upcoming Jag SUV showroom model.

Jaguar C-X17 concept front

It looks like the face of the C-X17 will represent Jaguar’s current design philosophy, with thin angled headlights underscored with LEDs, and a huge black mesh grille dominating the front end.

The concept also features strong bonnet lines for a robust look, while lower down it appears more sporty with big side intakes and a lower central intake. Right at the bottom is an SUV-like grey scratch-proof skirt with a silver protection section in the middle.

Although Jaguar is yet to announce official details, the C-X17 is set to spawn a production SUV, borrowing a similar yet slightly watered down design. Like many recent Jaguar concepts though, the company has a tendency to not ‘water down’ their original designs all that much compared with other manufacturers; hence the Jaguar F-Type/C-X16.

The new model will become Jaguar’s first dedicated SUV/crossover, built on a new Premium Lightweight Architechture which is also set to underpin an upcoming Mercedes-Benz C-Class rival.

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All will be revealed by September 10. Stay tuned.

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