Holden Cruze-A9X mashup would make a ripping sendoff

As you may have noticed, Holden will be erasing the Australia-made Cruze this year without much fanfare or a hyped-up special edition, like it’s assembly line brother, the Commodore. The best we can probably hope for is the Z-Series.

Holden Cruze A9X render-rearThat hasn’t stopped master car manipulator Nik||Digi-Kustoms from having a crack at creating a hot Cruze, combining elements of the famed Torana A9X SL/R 5000. Resplendent in the hero colours and blackouts of its ancestor, this Cruze A9X has deep-dish rims, blistered wheel arches, and some modern bodykit flourishes. The old-school drop tank has been supplanted by a venturi splitter at the back.

Envisioned as an HSV version, the powertrain would be the SV6 and Calais’s higher-output 3.6-litre V6, of 210kW and 350Nm. This would be possible as the GM V6 is seen in several transverse applications the world over, including the Captiva.

Holden Cruze A9X renderFront-wheel drive could be possible with a limited slip diff and some electronic wizardry. This would be in defiance of the trend of downsizing and turbocharging but to do the name justice, it would have to be small car/big engine formula, just like in our Top 10 conversion ideas for production cars special.

What do you think about this retro-inspired creation? Would you rep it or should the past be left in the past?

If you like this, head over to Nikk’s Facebook page and give him some love.

9 thoughts on “Holden Cruze-A9X mashup would make a ripping sendoff

  1. such a thing would be a disgrace to the old cars with actual racing and people pedigree when Australia was a very different place

  2. some pecker with no job and a pirated copy of photoshop trying to make some advertising revenue.

    1. Wow what a valuable critique. Probably the most creative thing you’re capable of…

      1. oh i’m sorry – it must have been your image. Go get a real gig instead of making clickbait.

        1. Nope, just think personal attacks are weak. You must be hung like an ant.

  3. V6?? Are you kidding… Who want’s a “performance” lookin car with a V6 anyway.
    This is an example of bad taste.

  4. Ah, no . . just, no. Whose idea was this anyway. Get him back on his meds, pronto! Good for a giggle I suppose, in a twisted way.

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