Hennessey 2013 Ford Focus ST HPE300 with 220kW

Although Hennessey Performance is usually renowned for building really high-powered supercars and muscle machines, the company has developed a package for the more humble 2013 Ford Focus ST called the HPE300 kit.

We loved the Focus ST during our review. It offers outstanding performance for a mainstream hatchback, with 0-100km/h coming up in just 5.7 seconds. It also produces a rally-car-like soundtrack and handles very eagerly.

Hennessey has worked up a kit that amplifies those factory traits, and boosts under-bonnet performance for a bit of extra zing. The HPE kit includes a cold-air induction system, a freer flowing exhaust from the catalytic convertors back, and a retuned engine computer to ensure optimum management.

Overall, power is boosted from the factory output of 184kW to an impressive 220kW. Torque is also boosted from the maximum 360Nm peak during overboost, to well over 410Nm with the modifications.

To help the HPE300 hatch remain distinguished compared with the factory model, Hennessey adds some special badges and a unique build number plaque. The US company is planning to make just 300 examples.

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Click play below for a video demonstration of the package as described by John Hennessey.

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