Haynes Red Bull Racing F1 Car Workshop Manual

When we came across this Haynes Red Bull Racing F1 Car Manual, our first thoughts were, ‘let’s sell it to Ferrari for millions!’, then we realised the team probably already has a copy.

Ever wanted to change a Formula One car’s oil? Well, here’s your chance to learn how. This newly launched workshop guide shows anyone (who is willing to buy a copy), exactly how the Red Bull race car is put together, maintained, and lubricated.

The manual is based around the 2010 competition car (RB6). So any secrets that were developed to make the car faster are now older than the pyramids – five minutes is old in Formula One.

Even if just for ‘Pete’s sake’, you buy the book so you can talk as if you’re the head engineer, rattling off part numbers and measurements like you are in the team. It’s certainly bound to induce a few laughs.

The knowledge certainly won’t help make your car more powerful, but it’ll give you a descriptive insight into just how in-depth these cars really are.

Visit amazon.co.uk to order your copy.