Ford trademarks ‘XR6 Turbo Sprint’, final special edition?

A series of trademarks by Ford Australia has added fuel to speculation about future models, including a possible upgraded ‘final edition’ of the XR6 Turbo.

Ford Falcon XR6 badge-FGX

The trademark, lodged on April 1st of this year (according to, includes three nameplates for the Falcon; XR6 Sprint, XR6 Turbo Sprint and XR8 Sprint. There are also trademarks for two Ranger nameplates which could potentially be used in the future; FX4 and Raptor.

Sprint was originally used by Ford in 1993, on a limited-edition XR8. The ED XR8 Sprint utilised the Tickford-fettled 5.0-litre Windsor V8 from the EB GT, of one year prior. The ED Sprint punched out 192kW, and only 300 were built. The nameplate was dusted off in 2001 for the AUIII XR6 Sprint, although this was just a cosmetic upgrade. There was also an AUIII XR6 ST.

Many publications have been speculating about a final version of the XR6 Turbo, using the 310kW engine from the discontinued FPV F6. There’s also talk of wider-rear tyres from the R-Spec and suspension from the XR8. When PerformanceDrive contacted Ford Australia last month the brand denied the existence of such a vehicle, and said it was focusing on Ranger and Mustang launches this year.

The Sprint trademarks could indicate anything from an upgraded XR6 Turbo to a basic ‘Special Value Pack’ with a few logos. However, the inclusion of ‘XR8 Sprint’ also has tongues wagging. Some even think the XR8 Sprint could include the power upgrades seen in the FPV GT-F.

As for the Ranger trademarks, they show Ford is at least thinking about exploring the possibility of further bolstering the Ranger’s lineup, and potentially pushing further on its commanding position in the market.

FX-4 was a variant used by Ford USA on its (now dead) Ranger, and is now the mid-spec F-150 trim. Of far more interest is the Raptor. The Raptor is a hardcore off-road performance-oriented F-150. It’s understandable that Ford might want to capture some of that magic for the Ranger. Because the F-150 and Ranger are not sold in the same markets, there is no risk of the two Raptors eating into each other. We’ll keep you posted with updates as they come.

What do you think about ‘Sprint’ being used for an upgraded XR? Would you like to see a last special edition Falcon with proper performance enhancements?

3 thoughts on “Ford trademarks ‘XR6 Turbo Sprint’, final special edition?

  1. Hi Michael
    Good to get an update as not much has happened for a little while.
    The trade mark registration would fit in with previous rumors and would further suggest a move forward with production of this vehicle.

    The rumors have been around a while now, for the XR6 turbo limited addition and it seems Ford may run out of time soon to manufacture anything limited as there are long waiting times to receive the XR8.
    Ford dealers are saying it can take 2-3 months just to get a turbo sedan and up to 6 months for XR8.
    Based on that it could take 6 months to receive any XR6 limited addition if the ‘take up’ is similiar to the XR8 the waiting time could blow out a lot further.

    If Ford are going to do anything it will need to be soon to give enough time to order and build the XR6 along side the XR8.
    I would suspect an announcement after EOFY sales have finished. December will be to late.

  2. I think the perfect name for the super turbo falc would be XR6T-R. Short, simple and sweet. I think ‘Sprint’ reeks of oldness and average memories of the Sprint Falcon of past years, in an unremarkable way. Sprint sounds too ’70’s.

  3. If they build the XR8 Sprint, I will buy one. No question… Are you listening Ford?

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