For Sale: Jenson Button’s 2006 Honda RA106-4 F1 car

Have you always wanted to drive an F1 car? A rare opportunity has popped up on eBay which could put you in the driver’s seat of Jenson Button’s Honda RA106-4 F1 racer which he drove in the 2006 season.

2006 Honda RA106-4 Jenson Button

Even though it doesn’t come with its 2.4-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine, it does come with the original DCT transmission. Maybe you could roll it down a hill like an extremely complex and expensive billy cart?

The car retired from racing at the end of the 2006 season. Button drove it to third place at the Malaysian Grand Prix, fourth place at the Bahrain Grand Prix, and 10th at the Australian Grand Prix of the same year. It was then used as a wind-tunnel testing vehicle.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a steering wheel either, as F1 wheels are known to be ridiculously expensive. Depending on how keen you are, we’re sure you could retrofit a wheel from a Honda Civic or something.

The car is located in the UK. As the seller says, if the new owner finds an engine for it, they will probably be invited to a number of motorsport events in the future to showcase the car.

It’s up for grabs right now for 75,000 British pounds (around AU$135,000) – not bad for an intricate carbon fibre billy cart, with gears. Head over to the eBay ad for more details.