DP Motorsports 964 Porsche 911 recreated into classic RS 2.7

When it comes to modifying cars and creating your own piece of personalisation, it’s often the old-school cars that we lust after. DP Motorsports in Germany has just finished building its latest project which involved turning a modest 964 911 into a very cool classic 1973 911 RS 2.7.

For Porsche fans and driving enthusiasts, the 1973 Porsche 911 RS 2.7 is pretty much the bees knees. It’s simple, raw, and lightweight with Porsche-renowned steering and handling. For many of us, life couldn’t get any better with an old RS 2.7 sitting int he garage. The main problem is they are bloody expensive these days, and very, very rare.

As a way of side-stepping these issues, DP Motorsports has come up with great idea; recreate a more modern and therefor more reliable and efficient 911 into a retro remake. Of course, this cross-model hybrid sensation has been done before, however, this is one of the best examples we’ve seen.

Power comes from the fuel-injected 3.6-litre naturally aspirated flat-six engine from the 964, only it’s slightly modified and now produces 206kW (up from 184kW). The power level might be just above what a Toyota Aurion offers, but that’s totally missing the point. This is much more focused and the way the power is delivered is much more direct and fine-tuned. And we’re sure it sounds and goes a whole heap better as well.

The conversion consists of a new bonnet, front bumper bar, front guards, sills, rear bumper bar, and a new grille and headlight lenses. There are also stainless steel exhaust pipes and 17- x 7.0-inch front and 17- x 9.0-inch rear Fuchs alloy wheels to complete the theme.

Inside is also tastefully recreated to incorporate a retro theme, with cool tartan-style bucket seats, simple door trims with a basic pull strap, and in the back is a colour-coded roll cage.

It’s the perfect combination really, you still get modern conveniences such as air-conditioning, ABS brakes, fuel injection, power steering, and a more modern suspension setup, however, on the outside, it has that iconic RS charm that has you drooling upon every glance.

This isn’t the first time DP Motorsports has significantly customised a 911. You might remember the full carbon fibre body 930-shape 911 from a while back.