Brembo to introduce revolutionary SENSIFY brake system by 2024

Brembo has announced plans to introduce a revolutionary new braking system that is said to be equally as disruptive to the industry as the introduction of anti-lock brakes (ABS), and it is set to arrive from 2024.

Called SENSIFY, it manages to integrate artificial intelligence into the braking system of a vehicle, combined with Brembo’s industry-renowned brake components.

This interesting amalgamation of software and artificial intelligence with Brembo’s proven braking hardware looks to have huge potential, on paper, considering brake discs, calipers and brake pads are yet to receive the 21st century treatment.

While details at this point are pretty scarce, Brembo says the combination of its components and hardware with artificial intelligence, predictive algorithms and data management results in a far superior braking system that can actually adapt to the individual driving style of those behind the wheel.

This results in, according to Brembo, “more precise car handling, increased performance and confidence,” as well as a digital ecosystem for the braking components that is able to receive over-the-air software updates as they are developed. Daniele Schillaci, Brembo’s CEO, said:

“By introducing SENSIFY, Brembo is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a braking system, opening up entirely new opportunities to drivers to improve their experience on the road and customise brake response to their driving style. SENSIFY gives drivers the peace of mind they are looking for.”

The company says that we can expect to see the first generation SENSIFY system installed on a number of road cars from 2024.