Bentley unveils Airline Seat specification for Bentayga, world-first tech

Alexi Falson

Have you ever wished for an airline quality seat in the back of your Bentley Bentayga that can adjust everything from the climate control to humidity in the cabin four times a second?

Us neither, but Bentley has pioneered it anyway to cement a foothold in the world of high-class motoring that prioritises passenger comfort over pretty much everything else.

It’s called the “Airline seat specification” and Bentley describes it as world-first for climate sensing and ‘advanced postural adjustment’ systems; we call it a bed in the back of a Bentley, fit for a king.

The new airline seat has been introduced for the Bentayga EWB (extended wheelbase) SUV, and features 22 levels of adjustment for the seats, in 177 different positions, alongside a seven-step climate control system.

Bentley says its new system has been designed in collaboration with a chiropractor, which applies 177 pressure changes to six different spots on your body over a three-hour drive.

Inside the seat, there are 12 electric motors and three pneumatic valve ECUs, with a master ECU acting as a motorised masseuse as you are ferried around. These, of course, work silently to ensure you’re never distracted by the sound of your massage.

Bentley says this system eliminates aches and strains over long journeys, while the climate control system makes sure you’ll never break a sweat, adjusting the humidity and temperature to within 0.1 of a degree every 25 milliseconds.

So far, the company says the airline seat has been a hit with buyers of the Bentayga EWB, with more than 50 per cent ticking the Airline seat box.

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