AWE Tuning Audi RS 5 Track and Touring exhaust upgrades (video)

AWE Tuning offers a choice of two exhaust upgrades for the Audi RS 5 sports coupe; Track, and Touring Edition. Both systems require no modifications to the existing emissions equipment.

AWE Tuning RS 5 exhaust upgrade

The pair of AWE Tuning exhaust systems available are made from mandrel bent 2.5-inch stainless steel, and integrate into the factory exhaust outlets at the rear. Performance improvements are 6kW and 22Nm, giving the 4.2-litre naturally aspirated V8 an overall output of 337kW and 452Nm.

The systems incorporate frequency tuned Helmholtz resonators to eliminate any drone noise.

The Touring Edition system is aimed at improving the tone of the RS 5, but doing so in a way that won’t wake the neighbours. It features resonated downpipes that help to emit a subtle tone at part acceleration, but then produce an aggressive sound as the throttle is opened up.

AWE Tuning RS 5 exhaust upgrade

If keeping things subtle isn’t your thing, then the Track Edition system offers RS 5 owners the chance to let people clearly hear the 4.2-litre V8, from start-up, all the way to redline. AWE Tuning states that the Track system is still suited to the daily driver, but it certainly lets people know you’re coming.

Prices for each system can be found on the AWE Tuning website.

Below are the videos of the Touring Edition and Track Edition exhaust systems.

Touring Edition system

Track Edition system