Aussie EV start-up ACE EV launches X1 Transformer with adjustable platform

Who said Australian manufacturing was dead? ACE EV, a local start-up specialising in electric vehicles for the commercial sector, obviously didn’t get the memo, because it has just lifted the lid on an incredibly unique and transformable EV design called the X1.

More specifically, the brand calls it the X1 Transformer, due to its transformable design that allows customers to configure the design of their electric freight transporter in as little as 15 minutes. ACE EV says that its interchangeable modules can transform the X1 from short to long wheelbase, as well as accommodate a ute tray or a van body.

Power is supplied by a 90kW/255Nm electric motor, which is paired with a 52.5kWh battery pack, offering a combined range figure of between 215-258km. ACE EV says the X1 Transformer can reach up to 90km/h, and has a payload rated at 1110kg for its freight duties.

Inside, you’ll find a 7.0-inch touch-screen with Apple CarPlay, digital radio, Bluetooth, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated seats, air-conditioning and cruise control.

ACE EV has hit the scene after receiving $5 million of Federal Government funding not just for the electric vehicle potential, but also the energy management potential.

The battery can be charged from 5-80 per cent in 45 minutes using a DC fast-charger, or eight hours using an AC plug. The company is also keen to point out the platform offers vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, which offers bi-directional charging, either vehicle-to-vehicle or back to the electricity grid for buildings.

“Our advanced Australian Vehicle to Grid (AAV2G) project will deliver bi-directional transfer between vehicle, building and grid with integrated on-board energy metering,” says ACE EV’s managing director, Greg McGarvie. “The system will enable the X1 Transformer to power an entire home or business, with the vehicle battery storing energy from rooftop solar cells or from the grid. It can charge when the sun shines, providing night-tie energy needs, supply emergency power when needed, feed back into the grid and, of course, run the vehicle itself.”

In terms of the flexibility of its design, McGarvie said that “for busy freight companies with their major distribution centres, the X1 enables them to fit a pre-packed module straight onto its electric platform and be on its way in 15 minutes”.

“One platform can carry whatever cargo module is required – van or ute, high or low roof, so it is constantly earning its keep, whatever each individual freight mission may be,” he said.

The company plans on commence its initial testing for the X1 Transformer as soon as November, scaling up in April, 2022.