Arnold Schwarzenegger spotted in his AM General Hummer

March 25, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been spotted doing some daily errands in his awesome AM General Hummer, complete with ‘Terminator’ decals on the sides.

Arnold Schwarzenegger AM General Hummer-1

Arnie and the Hummer are a perfect match for one another. Both are extremely strong and can withstand gunfire. Both are humongous. And both attract a lot of attention yet shouldn’t be messed around with.

Arnold Schwarzenegger AM General Hummer-3

The AM General Hummer was made for the military, initially, but a selection were also made for civilian use. The civilian versions had a more civilised interior with features such as air-con and an audio system, but both are built on a bomb-proof ultra high-strength steel chassis with perhaps the most heavy duty off-road running gear ever made for a passenger vehicle.

Here we see the famous actor and former Californian governor casually using it to pop into town. It’s apparently just one of many serious off-roaders the Terminator has in his garage.

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