2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 revealed at New York show

Brett Davis

Chevrolet has not only unveiled the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro facelift at the New York Auto Show, as previously previewed, the company has also revealed the hot new Z/28 track-ready Camaro.

Starting with the regular 2014 Camaro, Chevrolet says the latest facelift brings the most significant redesign of the Camaro since the new-gen arrived in 2006. It might look pretty similar on the outside, however, it’s actually wider, lower, and more modern from every angle.

The headlights are now slimmer and match a more tightly-lipped grille, while the taillights step away from the twin circular arrangement seen up until now, featuring singular bars which wrap around the corners. The taillights follow the new GM tradition which was first introduced on the 2014 Corvette.

Tom Peters, Camaro exterior design director, recently spoke about the philosophy behind the 2014 update, saying the facelift has been developed as a result of customer feedback.

“The 2014 Camaro is our opportunity to apply what we have learned listening to our customers, and our continuing development of high-performance models. We look for solutions that are both functional and beautiful so that the result is genuine Chevrolet – simple, powerful, honest, and more than expected.”

As for the new high performance Z/28, this is a more track-oriented version, even more so than the cracking ZL1. Although it doesn’t have quite as much power, it does come with various highlights that make it well-suited to track driving.

Thanks to vast chassis and suspension revisions, the Camaro Z/28 is able to pull 1.05g in the corners, and 1.5g under braking thanks to huge carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes. The Z/28 is also 136kg lighter in weight than the ZL1 due to lighter alloy wheels and a thinner glass rear windscreen.

Power comes from a naturally aspirated 7.0-litre LS7 V8 producing “at least” 373kW (500hp). The engine features titanium inlet valves and conrods, a K&N air filter, a forged crankshaft, dry-sump lubrication, and an 11.0:1 compression ratio with a 7000rpm redline.

Also helping out with track use is the full bodykit. There’s a low front spoiler and underbody panels to help reduce lift, while at the back an aggressive diffuser helps draw air from under the car, adding downforce at high speeds.

You have to admit, the Z/28 is one awesome-looking muscle car. It looks great in the white and black colour scheme too.

Al Oppenheiser, Camaro chief engineer, spoke about what the Z/28 is all about, saying,

“We set out to make the fastest road-racing Camaro possible that was still street-legal. While the Camaro ZL1 offers exceptional performance on the street, the drag strip, and the track, the Z/28 is entirely focused on the track performance. The Z/28 will be too track-focused for most drivers, but offers road-racers one of the most capable track cars ever offered from an automaker.”

The regular 2014 Camaro will go on sale in certain overseas markets towards the end of this year, while the Z/28 will arrive during the first half of 2014.

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