Screen shots surface showing potential Ferrari F12 GTO?

June 30, 2015

Remember the news last week of Ferrari planning a new, possible ‘GTO’ version of the F12? Some intriguing screen shots have now hit the web showing what appears to be exactly that.

Ferrari F12 GTO maybe-rear

The legitimacy of the screen shots is questionable, but according to, they were taken from a private configurator which was apparently set up for Ferrari VIP clients.

As far as we know, Ferrari could be planning a mild update for the F12 with a new special edition set to be introduced. Rumours suggest it will wear a GTO badge, although Ferrari is yet to confirm.

In the images we see a dressed up F12 featuring a new front bumper bar, much more aggressive skirting along the bottom, special side skirts, contrasting ‘side burns’ just behind the front wheels, and a revised rear end with a chunkier diffuser section. You can also see some slits cut in the rear haunches similar to the old 288 GTO and 275 GTB.

Under the bonnet, reports say the 6.3-litre naturally aspirated V12 will be modified to produce around 588kW. There has been some speak of an electric motor system working its way under the bonnet – HY-KERS – providing the extra oomph.

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Along with added power, the special F12 is expected to drop around 100kg in weight. With a weight reduction like this the F12 would be noticeably faster, let alone with more power. In standard form the F12berlinetta can sprint from 0-100km/h in 3.1 seconds.

If the news turns out to be correct, we could see a proper public debut taking place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Just 650 examples will apparently go into production.

Ferrari F12 GTO-maybe

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