2011 Superlap Australia World Time Attack winner and results

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Tarzan Yamada and the Cyber Mitsubishi Lancer EVO were crowned the winner of the 2011 Superlap World Time Attack Challenge at Eastern Creek Raceway yesterday. Tarzan managed a best time of 1:28.851 in the Pro class during the two-day event, which ran from Friday until Saturday afternoon.

This is the second-year running Tarzan and the Cyber EVO have managed to win the Superlap Time Attack, but he did improve on his last year’s best time of 1:30.587 in the same car, albeit with slightly different settings.

The Cyber EVO features a Mitsubishi 4G63 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a 2.2-litre Tomei crankshaft, pumping out 700hp (522kW) at all four wheels. The Cyber EVO this year has also received aerodymatic revisions to further improve downforce and corner speed.

Also like last year’s 2010 Superlap Time Attack, the 2011 Superlap second fastest lap of the day went to David Empringham in the Sierra Sierra Mitsubishi Lancer EVO. He managed a best lap of 1:29.024 in the Pro class, improving on his 2010 second-place time of 1:31.884.

Empringham did hold the fastest lap for some of the early sessions yesterday, but that was before Tarzan had the chance to go out for a flat-out run. On Tarzan’s first proper attempt in attack mode, he posted what ended up being fastest overall time of the day.

The Sierra Sierra Lancer EVO features a similar 2.2-litre 4G63 engine as the Cyber EVO, using a standard five-speed gearbox fitted with Quaife internals.

Third fastest lap of 2011 Superlap was Mitsuhiro Kinoshita in the Garage Revolution Mazda RX-7, also in the Pro class, with a best time of 1:30.501. The RX-7 uses a 13B rotary engine with a single GCG TO4Z turbocharger churning out 448kW (600hp) – plenty of power for a car weighing just 1000kg.

Check below for the top 10 fastest lap times in Pro, Open, and Clubsprint classes:

Pro Class

POS     DRIVER/TEAM                                                         CAR                                    BEST TIME
1           Tarzan Yamada/Cyber EVO                            Mitsubishi Lancer EVO           1:28.8510 *
2          David Empringham/Sierra Sierra                  Mitsubishi Lancer EVO           1:29.0240
3          Mitsuhiro Kinoshita/Garage Revolution      Mazda RX7                                 1:30.5010
4          Garth Walden/Tilton Interiors                       Mitsubishi Lancer EVO           1:30.8660
5          Anda Suzuki/Scorch Racing                            Nissan Silvia S15                       1:31.4560
6          Warren Luff/Prep’d Motorsport                     Lotus Exige GT3                       1:31.9160
7          Mark Berry/Advan/Hi Octane Racing           Nissan R34 GTR                       1:31.9340
8         Kouta Sasaki/Panspeed ( JAP )                        Mazda RX7                                1:32.0340
9         Steve Glenney/GT Auto Garage/HKS Aust    Nissan R35 GTR                      1:32.4130
10      Earl Bamber/MCA Suspension                          Nissan Silvia S13                     1:33.0620

OPEN Class

1           Nicholas Kalis/IS Racing/IAZZA DORO            Mitsubishi Lancer EVO       1:34.826
2          Simon Podlenski/Morpowa Racing                      Nissan 180SX                        1:36.059
3          Jason Wright/Autotech Engineering/Process    Subaru Impreza WRX         1:36.486
4          George Whenn/Revozone                                      Mitsubishi Lancer EVO        1:37.654
5          John Boston/Insight Motorsports                         Honda S2000                       1:37.678
6          Rick Bates/V-Sport                                                  Mitsubishi Lancer EVO       1:37.692
7          Alif Mohamed Hamden/Chasers Motorworks   Mitsubishi Lancer EVO       1:37.984
8         Lachlan Granger/Notaras/Pro Speed                   Mitsubishi Lancver EVO     1:38.452
9         Stewart Mahony/Turbosmart                                 Mazda RX-7                           1:38.572
10       Jason Hart/Ultimate Tunes                                   Subaru Impreza WRX           1:38.836


1         Marek Tomaszewski/-                                              Nissan R35 GT-R                  1:42.491
2         Miles Tauber/Croydon Racing Developments   Nissan R35 GT-R                   1:42.708
3         Ovidiu Zabreca/Hi Octane                                     Mitsubishi Lancer EVO        1:43.014
4          Jason Naidoo/IS Motor Racing                            Mitsubishi Lancer EVO        1:43.042
5          Jacky Yick/Pro Concept                                         Nissan S15 Silvia                    1:43.980
6          Jarred Bouffier/-                                                     Mitsubishi Lancer EVO        1:44.153
7          Neville Scott/Scorpion All Wheel Drive             Subaru Impreza WRX           1:44.916
8         David Lord/-                                                             Subaru Impreza WRX          1:45.759
9         Tristan Catford/Steve Knight Racetech              Mitsubishi Lancer WRX       1:45.936
10       Nich Ashwin/-                                                          Mitsubishi Lancer EVO        1:46.473

For more information on the event and more results, head over to www.worldtimeattack.com

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    1. I agree, there were far too many of the same cars lapping the circuit, we need some variety! Bring on modified Ariel Atom with downforce kit! Be interesting to see what a modified Radical would do it in too.

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